Living Room Redo

Hi Everyone

Are you ready
for another scary Before and After ?
I have heard that Living Rooms are the least used room in most homes
But we really LIVE in our
Living Room
This is the { after} picture
it is still a work in progress

I love this picture
It is Rachel Ashwell's living room
all the white
You can tell she really lives in her living room too

Here is the after picture again of our Living room
Redoing this room is a big project
and I am warning you now the after picture is BAD
really Bad.....
If you are brave scroll down to the next picture

I told you it was BAD
Here is the before picture
the day we moved in to this home

Its funny because I still have the same couches
(recovered in white denim fabric)
You can spot the soup tureen that now is in my kitchen
not sure why it was on top of that huge television.

Also the same vintage marble side table
has now moved under the window

I love that we use this room it is filled with the joy of family and friends
and filled with

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romantic saying for today

"Other men say they have seen angels but I have seen thee and thou art enough"
G. Moore



  1. What a fabulous makeover! It all looks beautiful. Love the pops of blue. Great job. Did you make those slipcovers??
    Becky C

  2. I remember the big tv! Another thing I love about your living room is the bowl of pictures. Its so fun to look through them.

  3. It's beautiful. The before picture was only a little scary! :-)


  4. Your after pic is just lovely and inviting. And we all have those befores....what were we thinking??

  5. Your living room is gorgeous!! i can't believe that that is the same room! You have done an amazing job, so peaceful and serene.

  6. Pam, the room look fantastic....


  7. Oh, wow - i love the whites & blue's you used. A room you can call your sanctuary now! Thanks so much for sharing - amazing job! xoox

  8. The room is lovely now. It's funny when we look back at our old decor how we can be horrified but at the time it did look great!

    Pamela :)

  9. What a lovely vignette! I adore the after, but the before was so funny.

    Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday!

  10. Pam, what a truly fabulous makeover!!! I love it!

  11. Great room!!

    Thank you so much for your visit and for linking my Vintage Scale giveaway on you side bar! So nice of you!!

  12. Great transformation. I love all the white.

  13. Wow that looks wonderful!! Any chance you could tell us what color the beige and white paints are?

  14. That is an amazing transformation! What a before and after. It looks so fresh and airy now. You did good Pam!

  15. I will admit it! I got scared!!!! But my goodness!! What a fantastic job you did!!! I love it! Simply stunning!

  16. The new turquoise and white is so calm, doesn't even look like the same room.

  17. Love your makeover, its so pretty. I'm in the process of a major lr makeover right now. I'm a new follower.

  18. OMG, what a perfect makeover. I always dreamed to have my house in peaceful colors like white, beaige or baby pink. I just love your decor and interior. I am really amazed by your skills. Thumbs up dear


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