Hearts Desire

Hi Everyone
We received a letter in the mail yesterday
saying that the
electric company is turning off our power for
up to {10 hours} on Friday
they are doing some repairs to the power lines in our neighborhood

This means no power, which means no computer or television or.......
I am going to miss checking in on all of you

I am so excited to show you my Grandmother's
red velvet hat stand

Isn't it the most wonderful shade of romantic red?

I can remember as a little girl admiring this
at my Grandmothers house
touching the velvet with my fingers and
Loving the hat pins

When I was 16 my Grandmother gave me this
red velvet hat stand for

She knew it was my hearts desire

This red velvet hat stand
is one of my favorite valentines presents
I remember feeling like I had won the lottery
To me it is priceless
What is your hearts desire?
linking with the Colorado lady today

romantic saying for today
"Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness"
John Updike



  1. love sentimental stories & heirlooms like this. makes a home so much more special~

  2. Oh that is such a wonderful memory, that your grandmother gave you that on Valentines day. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. You will be surprised how much more productive you will be without electricity!! Good Luck!

  4. Ten hours! I am spoiled by our luxuries.

    I hope to see you tomorrow for Pink Saturday.♥

  5. Hats are a favorite of mine. Love your red velvet hat stand. It is a precious memory of your Grandmother. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful gift, thank you for sharing!

    My hearts desire...seeing the smiling faces of my family every day. I am truly blessed!

  7. Beautiful pictures, its nice to see that the sun does exist somewhere! Thanks for sharing your stand, its such a unique heirloom and a precious memory.


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