Vintage French Watering Can

Hi Friends,
Happy White Wednesday

Isn't this the most wonderful vintage
French Enamel Watering Can
I love the design
it holds a lot of water
it is easy to handle
it is vintage enamelware and it is
fabulous for photo shoots

I have a
Blue French Enamel Watering can too

it sits on the outdoor table on the patio
I love the robins egg blue color

I found this one at Big Daddy's in Los Angeles
while shopping with a friend

the owners were using it to water their plants outside and it was full of water

I loved it and had to have it

I use it everyday
My friend was teasing me that I found the
cheapest thing to buy in or out of the store
What a marvelous design and what

fun to have two treasures that I can use indoors and out

The blue watering can is not as fancy

but it has a simple beauty

The flowers are from my garden the last of the roses before

I had to prune them all

Happy White Wednesday


Happy Treasure Hunting

treasure hunting is filled with a little magic and alot of luck sometimes



  1. What beautiful watering cans. I just found your blog from Kathleen's post. Can't wait to see more.


  2. Just saw your post via White Wednesday. Terrific enamel watering cans! I love your blog photos.
    Looking forward to reading more from you.
    - Susan

  3. Just love watering cans! Your pics are wonderful, have a lovely week


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