Happy White Wednesday

I Love Family Traditions and This is one of my favorites. This little White Bible.
My Mom carried this White Bible when she married my Dad.It was given to her by her Father on her wedding day .
I remember as a little girl looking at the pictures of my Parents Wedding and my Mom talking about the white Bible..
Here is a picture of them I adore I have it framed in our Living room.
Their wedding day was September 10 , 1955. My Mom was 19 my Dad was 27 and they were married 48 years until my Dad's passing 7 years ago. I am Blessed to have such wonderful Parents who Loved each other.
When I married my husband . I carried the same White Bible. My Mom and Dad gave it to me on my wedding day.
It is a Cherished Family treasure. It is put away for my daughter to carry when she is ready to walk down the Isle. We will give it to her on her wedding day.



She is the Star

I guess you could say that this chandelier in our dining room is on center stage, She is the star and she knows it.When I bought her I was so worried that she was not going to work with the room. She was not what I was looking for at all. To be honest I was looking at plain chandeliers with much less bling.But she was such a great buy $250 . She definitely stood out in the crowd of chandeliers for sale, so Home she came and she fits like a glove. She was even prettier than I remembered when I got her home and took her out of the box.I dressed her up with a few more crystals and of coarse some glitter stars to make her feel right at home.I am so glad I trusted my instincts and bought her. Our home would not be the same without her sparkle and glow.
I hope that you find treasures that make you smile when you walk in a room,


Pastels and Whites Giveaway

This is my new favorite blog.
I Love her header with the ballet slippers and the white flowers.
It is called Pastels and Whites. Simply gorgeous pictures and design.You will love her blog and
To Top it off she is having a really adorable giveaway.
This basket filled with goodies.
Oh too cute.
I t is so fun to find a new kindred spirit and a beautiful blog to adore.
Have a beautiful day


French Mustard Jar

This is one of the little treasures I bought in Texas last week.I decided to limit my purchases to things I could bring home with me on the plane. This was small enough to fit in my purse.
Isn't it adorable.
When we were in France a few years ago we were staying in a house close to Dijon.
We went mustard tasteing. It was so much fun. This little jar was on display in the mustard shop. I asked if I could buy it and was told NO. The hunt was on.
I love that I found it in Texas where my Daughter is in College.
A little treasure with 2 wonderful memories attached.

I am going to spend the day trying to figure out how to get the date and time off my new camera. Wish me luck.
Have a wonderful Monday


Hydrangeas and Coffee

I can't keep a secret .....
I was at the Nursery today buying some flowers for my garden when I overheard someone asking if coffee grounds were safe to use on hydrangeas?
My ears perked up and guess what??
Yes It is true you can use coffee grounds around your hydrangeas to help turn them from pink to blue.

Something to do with the acid in the soil. I have always used nails too to change the color of the flowers but I forgot this year to put the nails in the ground.
I have huge pink blooms but I would love to get them blue like the blooms in Martha's Vineyard.
I also learned that coffee grounds are great for Roses too.
I will be drinking alot more coffee now that I know.



Happy 16 Birthday

Today is our Sons 16th Birthday It is time to celebrate.

Here is Jackson playing baseball at Petco Park with his High School Varsity Baseball team his sophomore year.He is the 4th from the left.What a thrill to watch him play at Petco Park. They won 10 to 4.

Jackson is second from the left.
He is excited to be asked to go to the Dominican Republic this coming Christmas with a Scout baseball team to play and teach baseball.
I am so proud of him. He is growing up to be a Godly Man and a wonderful son in every way.
Life is about celebration. Especially in August with so many Birthdays.


National Lemonade Day August 20th

Did you know that August 20th is National Lemonade Day?
How do I know this little known fact do you ask?
When I was in Catalina this summer with the Family I was reading a fun book about the history of Catalina and in the book it mentioned the Islanders celebrating National Lemonade day. I had never heard about this before.
So I did some research and this is what I found.
Lemonade was invented in Paris in the mid 1600's.
Part of the celebration of Lemonade day in the early years on Catalina Island included lemonade Popsicles,
lemon tossing games, and lemon bar treats.
Of coarse lemonade stands were popular too.
The lemonade stand was first mentioned in the New York Times newspaper in 1879.
A shopkeeper put a table outside his store on a hot summer day and sold cups of lemonade for 5 cents.
By the 1880s children began selling lemonade at roadside stands.

Here is my family on our boat getting ready to have some of my fresh squeezed lemonade. I love to serve lemonade at parties. It is so refreshing. So go get your lemons, sugar and water and get ready for the fun.
Cheers and Happy Lemonade Day.
Let's celebrate


Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

It is my Husbands Birthday .
Here are some pictures of us in Catalina celebrating.

Can't wait to continue the celebration this weekend too.
Thanks for being such a wonderful Husband, Father and my Best friend.
Love you Sweetie,


Happy White Wednesday

I love my White Front Door but look at this.....
I have this Picture on my bulletin board of ideas and I really like this RED front door. So Classic with the shingles and the white trim.
I know my Family has seen this picture before and they always laugh and say.
Mom will never paint the front door RED.
I really do Love White and this would be a big change But I am really tempted.
If you see me at Home Depot with a can of paint you will know I finally got the nerve to be bold and try it.
Have a Fun Wednesday