Happy White Wednesday

I Love Family Traditions and This is one of my favorites. This little White Bible.
My Mom carried this White Bible when she married my Dad.It was given to her by her Father on her wedding day .
I remember as a little girl looking at the pictures of my Parents Wedding and my Mom talking about the white Bible..
Here is a picture of them I adore I have it framed in our Living room.
Their wedding day was September 10 , 1955. My Mom was 19 my Dad was 27 and they were married 48 years until my Dad's passing 7 years ago. I am Blessed to have such wonderful Parents who Loved each other.
When I married my husband . I carried the same White Bible. My Mom and Dad gave it to me on my wedding day.
It is a Cherished Family treasure. It is put away for my daughter to carry when she is ready to walk down the Isle. We will give it to her on her wedding day.


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