*Christmas Gift*

This Christmas Bell was a wonderful new addition
to our Christmas treasures last year
It is so adorable I left it out all year long
Love the etching and
Love that I bought it while shopping with my daughter

The bell is sitting on top of

this amazing blanket that I received for Christmas over 25 years ago

I love the pattern and the color

It was handmade for me by my Grandmother

I don't know how long it took her to make it

(to this day I wish I had asked her)


how she knew I would

love the color so much but

I am so grateful for such a meaningful and thoughtful gift

Every time I look at it I think of her and every time

we use the blanket we feel wrapped in her Love

This blanket has been on my bed ever since that Christmas day

*Handmade gifts are the very best treasures*

Do you have a Christmas gift that you adore?

Only 18 days until Christmas

I am getting excited...




  1. Pam,

    The bell is just beautiful as is the blanket. All the more special since your grandmother made it.

    Happy Holiday!


  2. Oh My! both are so very beautiful. The pattern on the blanket is amamzing. Such a pretty treasure to remind you of her.


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