Childrens Chairs

I have 2 Wooden Children's chairs that I adore.

They have been part of our home ever since my teenagers were little.

My daughter (now in college) colored for hours

at the coffee table sitting on this chair.

It is the most wonderful shade of green and I use it daily
a step stool
Now when friends and family come over and

we play cards in the living room or we

need extra chairs we still grab this old green and the blue chair below to sit on.

This Wooden Blue chair was the one my son (now 16)

used to sit at around the coffee table to eat, color or play cards

It is the first chair I bought and I still love the color

The Blue Chair is in the dining room holding baskets but both chairs will get used this


when we gather around the coffee table

to watch football games

and be closest to the artichoke dip !!

I love these chairs and the memories that go with them.

I am getting excited for Thanksgiving

Such a wonderful day to celebrate family, friends, food and all

of God's Love.




  1. Your chairs are so chippy and perfect now and I'm sure you have so many warm fuzzy memories tied up in them. Keep them forever!!

    I had an old wood stool that the children used to reach things on the counter {mostly things they should not have been reaching for!!}. I miss that stool!!


  2. Love the chairs and the sentiments behind them!
    I am a chair gal...
    I loooooooove chairs!
    Just ask my hubby....he has them hanging on the wall in the barn wondering what I am ever gonna do with so many chairs!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Smiles, Dolly


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