White Wicker Wonderful

I bought this White Wicker stand to hold flowers at my Daughters Christening. It has held flower arrangements at every Major and Minor party or event we have Celebrated for going on almost the past 20 years. Right now it is on display in my Dining room with an assortment of shells from the BEACH
that we seem to be adding to daily.

When I walk into the Dining Room it always makes me smile to think of the memories that are attached to this stand. Such Joy.Definitely worth the $40 dollars I spent for it.I remember it seemed like alot of money at the time. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter as well as Fourth of July (you get the idea) would not be the same without the White Wicker stand overflowing with flowers or shells.
I Hope you have a great weekend


  1. Isn't it lovely that we are able to attach wonderful memories to something and then each time we see it it makes us smile.

  2. It's always so wonderful when a treasured piece has happy memories attached to it...that's my kind of decorating! :) It's a fabulous find!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T


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