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Monica at The White Bench is having a fun Giveaway.She is a Wonderful Artist and for her giveaway You get to pick 2 of her pretty prints. Her photos are BEAUTIFUL.
Please visit her blog and her etsy page and see all of her pictures. Did you pick the same pictures I did as your favorites?


My Daughter and I went to the Santa Monica Flea Market.
I was so Excited I had money and my rolling cart. I was all set for a fun day of mad skills treasure hunting. Boy was I disappointed. First of all it was a long drive to get there, secondly it was very expensive and most disappointing of all we were done at 9:15 it was that small. I could almost laugh it was that bad.The only fun part was people watching with my daughter. It felt like we were at a concert.Very eclectic group to say the least.
I did manage to buy a few things but I won't go back again.
We did have fun at Rogers Garden in Newport Beach it is
always a treat to see all of the beautiful roses and flowers in bloom.
I will save those pictures for my next post.



  1. I agree with you. I live in the area and it used to be great fun to go to the flea market. Now, it's awful. So small and not worth the trip. Too bad! On the other hand, Santa Monica has the best farmers' market in the state. Crazy isn't it!?!

  2. Hi Pam!! What is your news? I'm so proud of you keeping up with your blog! It's beautiful and relaxing and peaceful and did I mention beautiful? Love you!


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