Cabbage Rose

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
Pretty pink cabbage roses 
from our garden 
February roses are always such a wonderful surprise 
especially after we  pruned them back in January
 Our rose bushes 
 only a few green leaves at best

Cabbage roses are so delicate 
they have layers  upon layers of  pretty petals

There is something lacy and romantic
 about each beautiful stem

 Seeing these beautiful  roses in the middle
 of winter helps to remind us that
 Spring is not too far away.....

Romantic saying for today

"One does not fall in or out of Love, one grows in Love"



Life is an Adventure

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
So  Grateful and excited to be taking a trip to the Midwest to
visit our son and daughter
do some  vintage treasure shopping
I am on the look out for vintage garden treasures
like this heavy green cast iron shoe

It has a rusty charm that even
 looks pretty inside the house

Do you like to fly.......
 to fly 
I  was a flight attendant for many years
it was so fun to
travel all around the world

Still enjoy all the people watching and the excitement 
of a new adventure
Packed my camera and some very warm clothes

I have been asked to take pic's for a new 
 flea market opening
so excited...
Can't wait to let you all know more about this awesome group of talented vendors

oops time to go.... ready for takeoff

romantic saying for today

"My Love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never"



Sunny February Day

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
It was a warm weekend here
 lot's of sunshine
 and temperatures in the high 70's

 {our son is in Nebraska where it was 17 degrees yesterday}
so wish I could bottle up some of this warm sunshine and send it to you all

With the warm weather we were blessed to spend time planting in our garden 
but before we went outside there were a few light bulbs
 that needed to be changed in the kitchen
to use our pink vintage wooden ladder 

It is just the perfect height for changing light bulbs 

Just could not resist taking a few pictures 
of the ladder 
 and the amazing sun streaming through the kitchen window

 Grateful for warm sunny days 
spent  together in the garden

especially in the middle
 of  February !!!

romantic saying for today

"You were made perfectly to be Loved and surely I have Loved you, and the thought of you, my whole life long"
Elizabeth Barett Browning



Vintage French Basket

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
I hope you had a fun and romantic
~Valentines day~
Handsome Husband surprised me with this stunning hydrangea plant
 so beautiful  
 that he put it in this pretty basket
we found this basket at the Irvine flea market we both liked it but decided to keep shopping
 Handsome husband went back and bought it for me
as a surprise

This hydrangea is the prettiest 
 purple blue color
{ from Trader Joes only 6.99}
The hydrangeas in our front yard garden are bare right now 
with tiny  green buds just starting to appear

Every year it is so fun to try and get pink and blue and purple hydrangeas
to bloom in our garden
This hydrangea will be inside for awhile in this pretty basket until the temperature 
outside gets warmer and we can plant it outside with the other hydrangea plants

The basket was a fabulous find
it is large and has the sweetest curves  
and handles

I Decided to give the basket a little
 french vintage charm 
by adding initials 

Turned out great and was super easy to do
I can be dangerous with a sharpie pen......
 Looking at the pictures I think I might thicken the letters a little bit more
What do you think........

 Adding initials is a fun way to add a personal touch
Handsome Husband liked it too
So Grateful 
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romantic saying for today

"Everytime you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person ,a beautiful thing"
Mother Teresa



Romantic Valentines day

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
Happy Valentines  day
I hope your day is filled with
That you are surrounded
 by beauty

and feel joy and romance in your heart

here are a few romantic sayings to share with
the one you

"I chose you this day to give my heart"

"A star is shining in my heart my dreams have wings that touch the sky Id marry you a thousand times I'll love you till the day I die"

"From this day forward you shall not walk alone My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be
 your home"

"May our hands be forever clasped in friendship and our hearts joined forever in Love"

"Every Love story is beautiful but Our love story is my favorite"

"I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you"

"My bounty is as boundless as the sea My love as deep the more I give thee the more I have for both are infinite"

"I give my heart to you and only you forever"

"I add my breath to your breath that our days may be long together on this earth" 

"If ever two were one than surely we"

"Your Love makes life a beautiful ride"

"Only you can take my breath away"

"You are the keeper of my heart"

"My Love is mine and I am his"
Song of Solomon

Love never ends
♥ ♥ ♥

What ever your plans are for today

Isn't Love grand!!!!!!


Vote for Debi Beard

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
A Super talented friend needs your vote
no not this adorable puppy
{isnt he cute }

This is Debi Beard
 she is a fun and talented friend who among her many talents
such as owning and running a fabulous  vintage store in Solana Beach
 called  House Vintage

 Is a DIY design queen who produces and stars in her very own diy
 you tube videos
click here to visit her you tube video site
Debi's videos are filled with lot's of instructional DIY ideas and tons of Debi energy
Debi is in a contest  and was nominated for the
" you tube on the rise "
 all she needs is your vote to
Its quick and easy to do  

Please visit Debi's blog
 and cast your vote for this talented Lady

you can also go to this link
 and check the blue box next to her channel name, please note that her channel name is not Debi Beard but shesellseashellscom

We want Debi to WIN

romantic saying for today

"You make me want you more each day"



Collecting Vintage Treasures

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

These vintage  jelly jars have become a new passion
{aren't they cute}

They hold just the right amount of milk or juice in the morning
  these jars were made to last
 with extremely thick glass they have stood the test of time

The two glasses with milk in them are both made by the ball company
 the one on the left is oldest dating back to 1943 
the one on the right is from 1983 
it was a 50 year anniversary jar
 1933 to 1983

There is a star burst pattern on both of the glasses 
the one on the left has the star pattern on the bottom of the jelly jar
the one on the right has the star burst pattern around the center of the glass

These vintage  jelly jars are not expensive to collect
they range anywhere from $4 dollars to $25 depending on their age and condition

 And if you are lucky you can even find them for 25 cents at
thrift stores and estate sales

A fun vintage treasure  to collect
 using these jelly jars everyday
we use all our vintage treasures

 We  recently gave six vintage glass jelly jars to a sweet couple
 as a kitchen themed wedding shower gift
 they were a huge hit now
the young bride has started looking for more to add to her own
vintage collection

are you ready for Valentines day
only 3 more days

romantic saying for today

"Counting stars for every reason I love you was pointless I quickly ran out of stars"



Pink hearts

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Such a fun valentine idea !! Little hearts on sugar cubes
They are just too cute
To make these I used zig art pens

I tried using food coloring
it worked for the heart outline but
started to bleed

The pens worked perfectly
 and there are so many pretty colors to choose from
it is a non toxic, water based pen so you can even eat the sugar cubes
 if you want to ......

 the pink color of these wax flowers
I wanted to try and create the same pink on the sugar cubes

I got pretty close
 the pink is a little paler than the flowers

Which one do you like the best
 the pink or the red

only 5 days
until Valentine's day

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romantic saying for today

"Paradise itself is dim and joyless if not shared with thee"
Thomas Moore



Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
So excited to have
 stylist Sunday Hendrickson and photographer Mark Lohman 
at our home for a photo shoot
this week

This amazingly talented and fun filled duo worked their magic
 transforming our home
 room by room
  making it glow with beauty, style and elegance

It was such a thrill to
watch how they worked in symphony with each other
 finding and sharing the vision for each shot 
and then witnessing their intense and meticulous attention to every tiny detail

From the lemon slices for each glass of pink lemonade
 and the same amount of ice cubes in each glass 
lighting and background 
{and keeping our big boned pug Finley and his toys out of the shot}

Sunday is a magazine field editor, producer and stylist extraordinaire!
 Here she is folding the freshly ironed cloth pink napkins
 and lighting the candles , arranging the beautiful flowers

 Everywhere through out the house
 Mark and Sunday
were artists painting a canvas and our home came to life

Mark checking the set up and lighting of each photo on his computer
Mark recently worked with FiFi Oneil
 on her beautiful soon to be released Romantic Prairie cookbook
please visit his
click on website above
to see all of his stunning work

Here is a picture of me in the mirrors behind our kitchen stove
we had a major crises the day before the photo shoot 
the mirrors you see here have been behind our stove for at least 7 years 
we were cleaning the small mirror to the left of the pot filler faucet
  somehow it fell behind the million pound stove
 this had never happened before !!!!!
 my heart sunk 
the photo shoot was the next day 
 we were told the kitchen was one of the main areas to be photographed
 and not to change anything
panic set in.... here were the thoughts running through my mind

can two people move the million pound stove out???
can we squeeze a hand behind the less than one inch space behind the stove? 
was the mirror completely broken?
 could we find another vintage mirror the same size by the next day?
What to do....
gratefully handsome husband was able to remove the air vent
without having to move the million pound stove
 and we were able to use a coat hanger to lift up the mirror 
crises averted

Here is a picture of the white tile behind the stove 
so you can see what a difference the mirrors make in our kitchen

So grateful the vintage mirror was still in one piece
 and the photo shoot went off without a hitch

Cant wait to share with all of you
 more photos
Thank You Mark and Sunday
for making this photo shoot so fun and memorable

romantic saying for today

"I know the only one for me can only be you
 My arms won't free you my heart won't try"
Henry Warren