Treasure Chest Friday #2

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

The first 
~Treasure Chest Friday~
linky Party was so much fun
The treasures in the chest were beautiful 
I am so grateful to all of you that linked up to share 
  Please come back and link your vintage treasures  every Friday
The description of treasure in the dictionary is
to regard or treat as precious or cherished
My  French white watering can is a treasure to me
This week I am putting it in the treasure chest 
and this adorable vintage pink pillow


the treasures from
Karen at 

Look at this simple and beautiful  vintage White Ironstone bowl

  Amy at 

shared this adorable thrift store find
Amy has a wonderful Etsy shop filled with loads of vintage treasures

I found this pretty platter
perfect for the Fourth of July

Now it is your turn to join in the fun and put your
in the chest
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romantic saying for today
"Patience with others is Love"
Adel Bestavros



Effortless Elegance

Hi Everyone

where the hats are stashed in this room 
What a fun way to decorate
They look like they were just thrown up there, maybe they were 
That is the way I like to decorate 
It looks effortless and elegant
The hats in our house are stashed everywhere

A Cowboy hat and my french shopping basket 
on the stand ready to go
A vintage white metal floor lamp is
now used to hang hats in the front entry

It was broken and thrown in the trash
I could not pass up this cutie
from trash to treasure

I am linking up with
A Bowl full of Lemons 

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"I give my heart to you and only you forever That I may be your place of rest"
Mary Chandler



Barbola Mirror

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

This is our dining room
The stain glass window was here when we bought the house 
The buffet is a Craig's list $50 find
The Buffet also holds some of my favorite  vintage treasures
As you can see we have a few mirrors on the buffet
but my favorite is the
~Barbola Mirror~

This little Barbola Mirror was made in England
Vintage English Barbola mirrors are beveled mirrors on a wooden easel frame
with hand painted flowers 

They were made beginning in the early 1900's and were very popular

There are many sizes and shapes
as well as color combination's
and Victorian Barbola Mirrors are still highly collectible treasures
do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of a mirror and not be in it

Here is a advertisement for the Victorian Barbola Mirror
from the Bennett and Johnson Company
London England

I love to imagine the lovely Victorian women who received this mirror brand new 
My Husband found this mirror for me at the Portobello Flea Market in London.
I Love that Man of Mine
We had so much fun treasure hunting together
What a fabulous gift then and now

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"I add my breath to your breath that we may finish our road together"
Pueblo Blessing



Roses and Hydrangeas

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

Can you see the tiny spot of pink in this photo
it is the most amazing little pink rose called Cecile Brunner 
This tiny rose is so fragrant 
I placed it in a vintage crystal salt shaker with a gardenia from the garden
and the combination is intoxicating 

 Gardenia's always remind me of
my Grandmother 
She had a glorious gardenia bush right by the front door of her home 
 in the summertime  the entire house was
filled with the amazing fragrance

She also grew the tiny Cecile Brunner rose in her
garden right by my Mothers bedroom window 
 I have the rose growing on the fence by our daughters bedroom too

I love growing all of the flowers my Grandmother had in her garden
She taught me so many wonderful things
including the secret to changing the colors of
the hydrangeas from
pink to purple and blue too

Her secret was to place nails 
near the roots
{be careful don't harm the roots}
   the more nails you place 
the more purple and blue will appear

I have been doing this for years and I am always in awe of the amazing colors

I am linking with my sweet friend Cielo
Show off your Cottage Monday
Her blog "The House in the Roses" is truly an inspiration
and Cottage Flora Thursday
 Please go and join in all of the beauty

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Charles Ghigna



Time to say Goodbye

Hi Everyone
Happy Weekend

Its official we are saying goodbye
to our old bed
I can't wait to show you our new bed
We finally found the perfect  one and I have been having so much fun 
buying new sheets and and pillows for it

One thing that will stay is this vintage heart shaped pillow
the color and all of the dainty little details 

 just look at the
beautiful velvet flower

 Reminds me of the hydrangeas that are blooming in our front yard

 the pink is pretty and the light purple color is starting to appear

They are really starting to bloom now
I can't wait to bring some into the house and make a bouquet

I want to say a special Thank You to everyone that linked up for 
~Treasure Chest Friday~
I loved all of  the treasures you posted and I 
was thrilled to meet new friends
I am very grateful

romantic saying for today
"I'll Love you until the day after forever"



Treasure Chest Friday #1

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
I am so excited to be hosting my very first 
~Treasure Chest Friday~
linky party
 the dictionary defines the word treasure as follows
"to regard or treat as precious or cherished
anything greatly valued or held dear to the heart"
a few of my favorites 
are these white ironstone pieces
this vintage french water pitcher
my favorite chandelier

now it is your turn to link up and join in the fun
and put your 
in the Chest
I will feature a treasure next week on my blog
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and please be kind and visit at least one other persons blog
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Common Ground

romantic saying for today
"Treasure the love you receive above all things"

Pretty in Pink

Hi Everyone 
Happy Thursday

It is so fun to change things up
in the garden for the seasons
For summer this fabulous white pot on the front porch has a
pretty pink flower that is drought tolerant 
and doing well with full sun 

The purple pansies looked fabulous this winter
but they did not do well once
we started to get more sun

I have learned the hard way it is best to replant the winter plants
that need more water and shade to a different spot
in the garden

It is fun to see the seedlings that were in the greenhouse
just a few weeks ago
  growing into such beautiful flowers
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My Romantic Home
Pink Saturday

I hope you are all planning to join in the fun tomorrow for 
~Treasure Chest Friday~
I have a few surprises for you too
Be sure and link up and tell your friends

romantic saying for today
"I do not remember days I remember moments spent with you"



Little White Box

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

This is a picture of my Engagement ring
it has been on my finger for 25 years and I still
{Love} it
with all my heart

The little white heart shaped box  the ring came in
still makes my heart skip a beat
the best treasures come in small packages
I am so grateful that I Love the ring my Husband gave me
I can't imagine NOT wearing it everyday

As much as I love this ring and the little white heart shaped box
I am Blessed to Love the Amazing
Wonderful Faithful Handsome
God filled Man that gave it to me
and stole my heart ...even more
~He makes my heart skip a beat too~

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romantic saying for today
"You are the future of my past, the presence of my always, the forever of my now"
Charles Ghigna