Christmas Advent Calender

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Can you feel it ...
Christmas  joy
 If you haven't already  made your Christmas advent calender yet 
its not too late.......
 Did you know that advent means arrival !!!
 Our advent calender this year has four candles to celebrate 
the four Sundays before
 This is a Swedish tradition
and is 
simple to make just place sugar in a bowl 
 {vintage white ironstone looks pretty}
add four candles and every Sunday gather the family 
and light a candle 
{ we always say what we are grateful  for when we light the candles each week}
 this time of year 
Christmas songs playing on the radio
fires in the fireplace
 blankets in every room  perfect for cuddling
We have been having  fun  making  handmade invitations for our
Christmas party
just a pink pipecleaner and a gold star
We are hosting a
* Christmas*
sing along
we will gather around the piano and sing with Joy

The Joy of 
 Christmas is contagious
*Are you feeling it too*
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romantic saying for today
"Till I loved I never lived—enough."



Simple Christmas

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
So much fun to start decorating for
This is one of the vintage treasures we found at the
 Lucky Street Productions warehouse sale
Do you know what this tin piece
 was originally used for.....

This little vintage treasure grabbed my heart instantly 
and was gratefully within
 our Christmas budget
it really helps to have a budget
 and let the creativity flow more than the money
We learned these tins were used as rain gutters 
can you imagine how cute it would be
 to see this all along the side
 of a home
 the three hearts
three for my three favorite words
~ I Love You ~

When we were first married and had just bought our home
 we had very little money to decorate our Christmas tree
That year we used pine cones 
Starbucks  sample cups 
{now a family tradition}
handmade paper snowflakes
paper chains made from grocery bags and
 on the top of the tree was a
star made out of branches and twine
We learned that year that
can make a
 beautiful Christmas!!

romantic saying for today

“You don’t take away my choices. You are my choice.”



The Vintage Marketplace

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
If you have never been to Rita and Christies
~Vintage Marketplace~
you are in for a real treat
These two women are super talented and lot's of fun
add all the amazing vendors they have brought together
 and you have a day filled with beauty
 inspiration and loads of vintage chippy rusty 
 fabulous gorgeous
 treasures to take home
This is talented Rita
 her sweet smile
 she has a great blog  too called
click to visit
This is talented Christie
she is an amazing artist
her rose paintings
they are simply gorgeous
you can visit her website too
click to visit

The next Vintage Marketplace is this
 Friday November 30th and Saturday December 1
 can't wait!!!!
you can find the Vintage Marketplace on Facebook 
can you believe that Saturday is December 1
excited to start our
countdown ...

romantic saying for today

''You called me, and I came home to your heart.''  



Merry and Bright

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
It is Christmas !!!!!
This weekend we were invited to a new vintage shop in San Diego called
Lucky Street Productions
What a  fun time we had shopping this warehouse sale
it was 
filled to overflowing with
 beauty and inspiration

The old  North County Times printing press warehouse is a vision
now all painted white and glowing there are
  fabulous high ceilings and so much eye candy everywhere you look
The owner  also rents vintage treasures for movies , weddings, parties
and with an overflowing inventory you can find everything you need to have a fabulous event
We all fell in
with this rusty box spring covered in twinkle lights
and who could resist the crown on top
Can't wait to show you what I found at the sale
here is the address fortunately beginning December 1 this new shop will be open every day
Here is the address
1715 S Freeman Street Oceanside California
phone number
I will be highlighting new places to shop for vintage treasures this week

did you cyber shop today
I have to admit I did the bargains were amazing

romantic saying for today

" Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time
 all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end"
  De Stael



No Black Friday

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving
Our Thanksgiving was filled with delicious food
the warmth of family and friends around our table
So Blessed and Grateful
Now that all the dishes are clean and the left overs are in the fridge
 its time to start decorating our home for 
No black Friday here 
 we have a different tradition
This is the day we all stay home in our pj's and just enjoy being together
That is the best gift we could give each other 
and the one that we all treasure most
 we get all the Christmas boxes down from the rafters....
We start a fire and with coffee in hand we open one box at a time
we talk, laugh and are reminded of  beautiful
Christmas's filled with
 It is so much fun to look at all the treasures in each box
some are handmade , some are amazing inherited treasures
Some were gifts
and all of them bring back wonderful memories
We all look forward to this day just as much as
 Thanksgiving day
 it is a time filled with memories and dreams of Christmas's to come
and we get to stay in our pj's all day  too!!!!!!
are you fighting the crowds for Black Friday

 Here is a little shopping  tip......
Go through all of the  Christmas treasures you already have
before you go shopping for new ones
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romantic saying for today
 “The Very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.”




Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
 Thanksgiving thankfuls ......
so thankful that tonight 
our entire family will be under one roof
at Home
thankful we only need one ??? more trip to the grocery store
before we have all the things we need for our
 Thanksgiving dinner
Thankful Our oven is  clean and ready for the busy and fun filled day
of cooking
Thankful this morning I found this adorable free printable 
Aren't they pretty
  I could not wait to share it with you too
it is from  here
just click the " here"  above and you can print them free too
 they have such a beautiful old world charm to them
 there are so many fabulous ways to play with them you could
make a Thankful garland
or  use them as napkin rings at the table with each persons name.....
they even look fabulous on white paper
 can you believe there are
only 2  more days to Thanksgiving

romantic saying for today
“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

Read more: http://lovetexts.tumblr.com/post/7264189052/best-love-quotes-from-the-notebook#ixzz2Cmc4UGhb
“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

Read more: http://lovetexts.tumblr.com/post/7264189052/best-love-quotes-from-the-notebook#ixzz2Cmc4UGhb
"Together we are perfect"



Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
This year our cornucopia  basket is on the front door
 filled with beautiful garden flowers
Here is the dictionary description of a cornucopia 
The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty
  is a symbol of abundance and nourishment,
commonly a large horn-shaped container
overflowing with produce, flowers, nuts or other edibles
to our
 Our cornucopia is traditionally
 on a table filled with fruit and nuts
It looks so simple and inviting to greet our guests
 right at the front door and  sets the stage
for the holiday
 Simple idea and so charming
having the cornucopia on the front door
 has such a cottage feel
Front door decorated ....check
feels good to be checking things off our
  "to do list"
 countdown continues
only 5 days to Thanksgiving
are you checking things off your "to do list" too

romantic saying for today

"Love so deeply the ocean will be jealous"



Calm Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
There is a calm at our house
 it feels like the calm before the storm of fun
Cleaning and getting all our Thanksgiving dishes out
Prepping for family returning home and overnight guests for
Thanksgiving dinner 

This morning  the weather was chilly 
we made a fire to warm up the house
We have huge pine trees in our yard 
with fabulous pine cones 
to bring the outside inside

Sometimes we even put the pine cones in the fire 
they have the most fabulous fragrance 
and it's fun to hear the crackle too
Nature is so beautiful
 grabbed my camera to show you this pretty branch
 that was  just casually tossed on the chair

Our home will  soon be filled with family and friends
so grateful
This is the best part of the holiday being all  together 
with the people that you

the countdown has begun only 6 days until Thanksgiving!!!!!
are you ready

romantic saying for today
"Come live with me, and be my love"



Forcing Paperwhite bulbs

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
The Paper white bulbs in 
our front yard are already blooming
They have appeared so early this year that it took us all by surprise
usually they don't show up until
 after Thanksgiving 
 paperwhite flowers they have such a glorious
 fragrance for such a tiny flower and 
did you know you can get them to re~bloom 
Paperwhite bulbs will re~bloom 
if you force the bulbs
 in soil 
 not pebbles
they get their nutrients from the soil 
These bulbs are from last year after they bloomed 
we just tucked the bulbs in a paper bag 
and put them in the greenhouse for next year
  You can also replant them 
outside too
So don't throw your paper white bulbs away.....
reuse and re~bloom !!!!!
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romantic saying for today

"For stony limits cannot hold love out"



Christmas Red

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Adding red to your home can be intimidating
 we go back and forth every year at Christmas time
color no color
Usually we all decide to just keep the colors to a minimum
That is until we get this vintage French enamelware milk carrier down from the rafters
It stays tucked away until
 Christmas time
We are always surprised at how much we like the warmth of
 a pop of red around the house
Adding red to our mostly white decor 
 adds warmth and whimsy
 candy cane charm
With chilly mornings 
 the fireplace is on, the pumpkin spice muffins smell amazing cooking in the oven
 the coffee is brewed 
a fall morning filled with the taste the smells and the feel 
of the holidays
Even this adorable glass bottle
 from Ikea adds a pop of
cheerful red to the kitchen
could not resist adding the 
gingham red ribbon
 the vintage look of this bottle
Red and white
 a classic combination
cheerful warm and
 romantic too

Will you  be adding a pop of red to your home this

romantic saying for today
"I love thee to the breadth and height my soul can reach"